Custom Development

Since inception, Atlas RFID has been dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of automatic identification and data collection technologies such as barcode, GPS, WiFi, passive RFID, active RFID, and others. We leverage this expertise to develop and implement custom auto-ID-enabled solutions for clients in all industries.

Within the auto-ID community, we maintain a vendor neutral position so that we can always source the best technology components to meet our customers’ specific needs without any bias or conflict of interest. Furthermore, we thoroughly test auto-ID components in the specific environment of question before making technical recommendations or deploying operationally.

Many options exist for you to improve business processes via auto-ID technology, and Atlas can serve as a competent and experienced partner for leveraging the growing capabilities of this field.

Top 6 Reasons to Hire Atlas Consulting



The 7 Steps to Auto-ID Implementation

1.  Envisioning
2.  Business Assessment
3.  Technical Assessment
4.  Solutions Design & Architecture
5.  Implementation
6.  Continuous Improvement
7.  Lateral Partner Application

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