Auto-ID in Construction

Mobile RFID Reader in Construction yard Auto-IDGet accurate, real-time information about material availability using Auto-ID.

Materials account for the majority of an overall project budget – yet are still routinely managed using a manual, error-prone pen and paper process. This old-fashioned approach results in wasted time searching for materials, reduced tool time for craft labor, decreased predictability, increased risk and a lack of overall visibility into construction progress. In a world where instant access to information is expected – it’s time to make clip boards a thing of the past.

Atlas is working with the leading EPC Contractors, Owner Operators, and Suppliers to remove risks and uncertainties from their material control processes. Jovix™ is a site material control system that supports electronic field material management using the latest in mobile computing, GPS, RFID and barcode technologies. Call us today to find out how Jovix™ can transform your jobsite.

Everything you need to know about Jovix.
Well, almost.

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