How does Jovix™ work?

How does Jovix™ work in the supply chain? Jovix™ can be used to track material throughout the supply chain from fabricators and equipment manufacturers to marshalling yards to multiple warehouses and laydown yards along the way. The solution provides a single source of truth for the location and status of critical materials required on construction projects.

  • Find the right piece the first time every time.
  • Find the right piece quickly (9 times faster on average).
  • Know the right piece is onsite.
  • Know the right piece was installed, and when it was installed.

Technical OverviewHow does Jovix work?

The Jovix™ software platform converts data captured from multiple data capture technologies such as barcode, passive RFID, active RFID and GPS to provide the location and status of material components throughout the supply chain and at the construction site. Our solution can also be integrated with your existing materials management and procurement systems to create a streamlined workflow that reduces manual recording of information, reduces indirect labor hours, eliminates non-design related re-procurement expenses due to material “not immediately” found, and improves overall construction productivity and predictability.

System Components

Jovix™ can be deployed as a standalone application running in your job trailer, installed in your corporate IT data center or securely hosted by Atlas RFID Solutions in our secure hosting facility. We are flexible because we know that this industry is complex – no two projects are alike. Jovix™ utilizes multiple data collection methods and can be integrated with your existing IT systems to create a fully integrated material and supply chain management solution.

The following is a list of all of the possible components. Depending on your unique needs, the Jovix™ solutions team will use a combination of hardware and software to address the specific challenges on your jobsite.


JovixTM Web & Mobile Software

Real-time information about materials collected from the field is available within the web-based software which digitally tracks and manages items through the entire material lifecycle from expediting, through final issue to construction.

Handheld Reader

Rugged Mobile Devices

Mobile computers built to withstand harsh construction environments use RFID, barcodes and GPS to extend the materials management process into the field, where access to information enables informed, real-time decision making at the point of transaction.

Gate Reader

Gate Readers

RFID readers located throughout the supply chain automate data collection through shipping, receiving and intra-site transfers.

Vehicle Mounted Reader

Vehicle Mounted Readers

As vehicles drive through the job site, mounted RFID readers automate the process of updating storage locations for materials throughout the construction site.


Unique ID Tags

Unique tags in the form of barcodes and RFID enable automated identification and tracking of materials throughout the entire EPC material lifecycle.

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