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To help customers maximize return on investment in an accelerated fashion, Atlas offers scalable licensing options to meet the unique budgets and needs of companies and projects of all sizes. Both fully hosted and on-premise licenses are available. Jovix™ can be implemented immediately while mitigating concerns regarding capital or internal IT resource constraints.

Licenses are scalable based on the size of your project, so you can be confident that you’re buying exactly what you need and realizing the maximum return for your investment.

The Return on Your Investment

The following provides an example of a project ROI for tracking and managing 100,000 pieces of material:

  • Length of Time for Project ~ 4 years
  • Number of Material Pieces ~ 100,000 pieces of material
  • Number of Pick Crew Personnel ~ 15 employees
  • Fully Burdened Labor Rate ~ $50.00 per hour
  • Average Cost per Piece of Material ~$4,000.00 per piece of material
  • Project Total Investment Value ~ $500,000,000.00 US dollars
  • Direct Labor Budget ~ $200,000,000.00 US dollars

      Estimated ROI > 300%

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Client Experience

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