Who uses Jovix™?

Who Uses Jovix

Materials Managers

Materials Management and Construction personnel can now utilize a single system that provides the present day location and status of pre-engineered components that may be stored in an outdoor or indoor location. Individual material records can be tracked by drawing, sequence, purchase order, work package, supplier, etc. Materials Managers can also use Jovix™ to store external documents such as drawings, specification sheets, completed MRRs, etc. Each user that has access to Jovix™ can configure their inventory data set in a matter of minutes.

Contractors & Suppliers

A contractor can use Jovix™ to gain better visibility into the status and location of the entire inventory of materials. Material stored outdoors is assigned a GPS location while material stored indoors can be provided a standard warehouse storage location such as aisle and bin. Jovix™ can be used as a tool for contractors and suppliers to exchange material supply information about material delivery schedules. Material inventory data can be easily imported into Jovix™ and exported from Jovix™ using standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It’s that easy.

Personnel in the Field

The Jovix™ server software functionality can be extended to the field through the use of rugged handheld computers running Jovix™ mobile software. The handheld computers utilize embedded RFID readers and GPS receivers to collect data about the current location and status of construction materials. The software on the handheld computer uses this data to provide construction workers with visual directions to the location of the material on the jobsite.

The handheld software provides the user with an arrow which tells them which direction to walk to get to the material. When the user comes into close proximity of the material they are searching for, the embedded RFID reader in the handheld device begins to communicate with the RFID tag attached to the material.  Visual and audible indicators lead the user right to the piece of material.

Project Managers & Executives

Jovix™ includes user defined dashboards that provide individual users with easy to access information that helps them streamline their daily activities. Users can use the dashboards to quickly identify problems such as materials that have been issued, but have yet to be installed or claimed by the appropriate construction crew for installation.

Regardless of how Jovix™ users slice and dice the inventory data, all users access the same database and the single source for inventory management. Jovix™ sets itself apart from materials management solutions by providing construction personnel with a real time view into project materials inventory that extends past trailer city to the field where the action is occurring.

Jovix™ has been designed to be flexible enough to meet the different data management needs of material managers, contractors, suppliers, staff members and owners.

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Client Experience

Our Clients’ Experience with Jovix™

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