Why Jovix™?

Pipes on Truck in Winter why Jovix™When most people think about “material control” they think about managing a warehouse.  However, this is poor misunderstanding of the value that a good material control organization can have on an industrial construction project.  True material control involves being able to identify problems and take corrective action before they become a problem for the end customer, which is Construction.

To be able to do this effectively, material control teams need a tool that provides them with visibility into what materials Construction is going to need and when Construction is going to need the material to complete their work plan.

Ensure that Construction will have the right material, at the right time, and in the right condition.

Why Jovix™? The business decision to invest in Jovix™ is based on risk avoidance and cost savings.

  • Avoid  contractor  claims  for  expensive  idle  craft  labor,  idle  equipment  and/or  unplanned  work  crew movements.
  • Reduce material re-procurement expenses due to material “not immediately found”.
  • Eliminate warranty claims and material re-procurement due to preservation activities not occurring as required.
  • Minimize cost related to direct and indirect labor hours associated with receiving, storing, locating and issuing material.

Industrial Construction Challenges


Material Readiness & Worker Productivity

It happens at every job site. A field engineer gets frustrated with the lack of current information about the availability and location of critical materials. Costly skilled laborers are standing around waiting while teams search through acres of components looking for one piece of material for a work sequence. Precious minutes, hours and even days are lost.


Reprocurement Costs

What if a piece of material was never delivered, moved to another location or is never found? The project management team has to make the difficult decision of replacing expensive materials in order to complete the work on time. On average 1-2% of a project’s budget is spent on purchasing lost or misplaced materials. That is potentially millions of dollars wasted.

Material Visibility

Material Visibility

Owners, project managers, construction managers, materials managers, field engineers, superintendents, direct and indirect laborers… there are many people involved in the materials management process, and everyone has their way of doing things. Records are kept in spreadsheets, emails and file cabinets, which makes scheduling and decision making nearly impossible.

The Goal  Chevron_Web_Orange  One Source of Truth

In order to make informed, proactive decisions on the job site, information about the availability and location of critical materials should be accurate, easily accessible and available to the right person at the right time – every time.

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